In Bruges

So, I got a day off on my journey from Belgrad, Serbia to Edinburgh, Scotland while in Bruges, Belgium.

My host served a nice breakfast, and then gave me a ride into Bruges. Max had buddy here. This is Bogie, hanging in the backseat with Max.

Bruges is an ancient medieval town. We went through an ancient gate:

And he drove me around a bit. We landed in the heart of Bruges, and Max and I began wandering and looking at this outdoor museum.

Market square (not where the market is)

Loved this railing:

Underground bike garage:

Max and I were hungry, so we went to the Saturday market. Max was interested in the chickens and bunnies.. I looked at some shirts. But we were hungry.. chicken sausages!!!

Properly satiated, we resumed walking…

After a couple hours, both Max and I needed a drink. Max had a bowl of water…but I had a Kwak:

Sat in the center market square, talked with a couple next to me for a bit, and enjoyed my view.

A lady walked by, and had bought a box of ice cream bars. ‘if you do not eat this, it will melt.’ sound logic!

Properly refreshed, Max and I walked the canals a bit more, before returning to our Airbnb, and then heading to the ferry.

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