Novi Sad

I had never heard of Novi Sad, but I am so happy that I learned about this city, and got to visit. Just a bit over an hour by bus from Belgrad, it is a wonderful town with great walking streets, a promenade on the Danube, and pretty parks.

I arrived by bus, and after a short walk, found the center of town. It was a clear sunny day:

I was giving a talk the the Google Developer Group in the evening, so I explored, and people watched in the square.

There is a fortress across the Danube that I did not have time to explore

Here is the cathedral:

The mosaics on the floor are mesmerizing:

There were many cafes and bars hidden down small passageways into courtyards

It is a lovely little town..everything is within a 20 minute walk, and I really enjoyed taking a few hours to explore Novi Sad.

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